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Whimsy Blank Alpha Set

Whimsy Blank Alpha Set

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Yes, you may create & sell your own digital alphabets using these graphics!

You must know how to use PNGs, I do not offer instructions. You may sell PNG alphabet sets, or include these graphics within a digital design for resale, but you may not sell any product where the customer can extract the design files in such a way to create filled alphabets/letters/numbers themselves.

Additional terms below, this is also included as a document within your downloads:

Licensing information and agreement on the use of American Blues Designs
Blank Alpha Set. All rights and licenses granted to you under these terms are subject to your compliance with the terms.

1. Ownership. We, American Blues Designs, retain all rights to the original,
downloadable content that is available to you upon purchase of the listing. No title or ownership interest in these files is transferred to you. You may not claim to be the creator of the original source files. You may not share these source files with a third party. You may not resell the source files.

2. Applications.

2.1 Alphabet Sets - Allowances.
You may sell digital alphabet and number sets, provided you have added a
pattern, fill, background, or photo. Alphabet and number sets that you sell
may only be sold as raster or PNG graphics.

2.1b Alphabet Sets - Restrictions.
Alphabet and number sets sold by you may not include SVG, vector
graphic, or any editable format. You may not use our graphics to sell
any product in a way that allows a customer to extract those elements (our graphics) from your designs to create their own products.

2.2 Non-Alphabet Digital Designs - Allowances & Restrictions.
You may sell digital designs using these graphics in PNG or raster
format. Word designs that you sell must have custom fills. You may
not sell designs that include our elements in SVG, vector, or any
editable format in a way that allows a customer to extract those
elements (our graphics) from your designs to create their own

3.Other Terms.
You may create unlimited end products using these graphics, provided
that you follow the terms above. There is no requirement to sell end
products at a specific price. Please be aware that other customers will have the same rights as you regarding this product and could produce similar or identical design fills, which is allowed under the terms of use. American Blues Designs also reserves the right to sell this product in any manner or fill pattern

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